Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 19 - Cracker Barrel

I'll be there to lead the ride to the Cracker Barrel this Sunday, but will be unable to stay for breakfast. We have tickets to the Padres/Reds game in Peoria, so I've got to get home for a shower first.

I will have a map that I will hand off to someone to find your way back. See ya Sunday!


vinobop said...

Looks like u had a good game, lots of HRs etc. Once had a fervent Padres fan friend ("Killer Pods" he called them), are you by chance a fan of either of these teams? (Go Red Sox, BTW!)

TubbyAZ said...

Yes, great day for a game. Aunt Debby from San Diego comes out every year for a weekend of games (she's part of the Madres organization).

While she was getting cards and balls signed, we arrived to our section/row. When Debby got back and saw me in my Reds BP jersey, she barked "Hey, get the hell out of my seats!". But she saw it was Ken Griffey Jr. on the back, so that made it OK.

Mike (aka Big Dorky White Guy)