Thursday, May 1, 2014

May schedule posted

Over there on the left, this week's ride is to Cracker Barrel, near Deer Valley and the Black Canyon freeway.

A reminder, I am not able to lead this week, but will be with you on May 11 to Deer Valley airport. I also will miss the ride on May 18, I'll be up in Cottonwood for the MS "Ride The Vortex" event. And if you haven't yet donated, time is running out! Here's a link to my MS page, and a big thanks to everyone who's already helped out.

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Rie Im-not-tellin-ya said...

In memory of Lynn Hartline, the cyclist killed in the MS ride the vortex bicycle run in May 2014.

Cornville is a VERY BAD area for bicycling- Many of the residents are OLD, OLD and yes, sadly, they drive. They can't see, and they are on heavy medication, but still (you bet your sweet bippy), they drive.

They chose to route this through CORNVILLE ROAD??? That is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Just RIDICULOUS.

I saw my first dead (2 of them) guys on Cornville road when I was 4 years old. It was 1963. My dad was a deputy sheriff. I just happened to be in the patrol car when he got the call.

IT IS A NARROW ROAD with curves and NO BIKE LANES and still, they CHOSE IT??? I hope they feel at least a little responsible for Lynn's death. I hope they either never plan another event, or learn and choose safer routes in the future.


I really felt the need to speak out, since Lynn's slaughter was ruled to be a "no-fault accident". I'm still just reeling, and in total shock over the entire thing.