Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well, I guess summer is here now...

At 4 AM this morning when I awoke, it was 94 degrees. Holy crap. Went for a walk at 5 AM, and you could just barely see Piestawa Peak through the smoke and dust haze covering the city. Would be nice if it rained, but if it does it's going to rain mudballs.

July schedule is posted over there on the left. Good news is Oink! is the destination this week. Bad news? Sorry, you gotta ride up the Dreamy Draw to get there. This past Sunday on the Draw, I ended up running over some sort of snake on the path, and then narrowly missed a jackrabbit leaping just in front of me. As a man of my advanced weight, I'm pretty sure the snake didn't make it.

If you haven't been keeping up with Jerry Seindeld's Intertubes project "Comedians in cars getting coffee", check out this newer episode with David Letterman. And tune back in this Thursday, a new episode with the one and only Don Rickles will be posted.

See ya Sunday!

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