Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gonna be a chilly one...

Just realized I haven't put up a post in over a month. Well, at least I got the schedule posted this week. Back from Nebraska, where Thanksgiving day saw 71 degrees for a high. However, on the way to the airport, we drove through the Big Papio Creek valley where we saw 13 on the car thermometer thingamajig.

Tomorrow looks a little chilly, down to 42 tonight. I should be there for the ride to the Eye Opener (but I am oncall, so there can always be an emergency). Next week on the 11th I won't be able to make it to the ride, but the 18th I should be there.

BTW, click on the Dec. 25th link to get to Department of Defense website in charge of keeping track of Santa's worldwide movements come Christmas.

Last but not the least, here's a strange video for an old Lou Reed song "Perfect Day".

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