Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MS Roundup Ride - Florence

I managed to do the century on Saturday in 8 hours flat. I know I spent at least an hour and a half at all the rest stops, so I was pretty pleased. There was some tailwind sometimes, but mostly it was finding people to join in on a couple pacelines moving 19-21 mph. A lot of fun. Sunday I hung in for the 50 mile ride, but boy is my butt complaining about it still.

Here's some pics from the weekend. Click on each image to see it full-size. Note to Jim, Fed-Ex had a team here, why weren't you???

I won't be at Granada again this Sunday. Another work project, adding some 574F 1.5GB auxilliary-write cache cards to our disk arrays. Again, means nothing to anyone but Pat and Chris. Geeks....

The only Sunday in April I can show up is on Easter (4/12). The two Sundays after that we'll be cruising the Mexican Riviera. I will have destinations posted as soon as they come in.

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