Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally a new post...

If anyone showed up this morning for the ride, color me surprised. I looked outside about 4 AM, saw it was raining, and shut off my alarm clock so I could sleep in.

Sorry about the lack of posts, been busy as of late, what with Christmas and New Years, and winding up things at my old job. Yes, I resigned my old position, and will be starting a new job tomorrow.

If you have my old work email address, lose it. Also, many of you have my cell phone number for emergency purposes on Sunday rides. Lose that too, that phone belonged to the old company. Come next Sunday, I'll let you know my new cell number (one of the perks of the Information Technology business is that the job provides you a cell phone so they can track your ass down 24/7. The twenty-first-century version of indentured servitude).

Here's a few pics from working the bike security detail at the Fiesta Bowl parade yesterday. That's Richard Moeur in the yellow vest, our fearless leader. And Gary and Rogerio enjoying the sunny Arizona day. Rounding them out are photos of the OSU and UT marching bands, and the Budweiser Beer wagon.

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