Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm bailing on you this week...

So you're going to have to find your own way to the Five & Diner this Sunday the 23rd, and on Thanksgiving you've got no leader, no restaurant, no nothing. Although the club could not obtain a reservation anywhere for the holiday, might I suggest an Arcadia-area ride, and perhaps stopping at either La Grand Orange (at 40th St. and Campbell), or Over Easy (at 40th St. just south of Indian School). Both will be open Thanksgiving morning.

I'll be in the Heartland, visiting family in Nebraska for the week. Eating. That's what we do.

So if I can still fit into my bike shorts when I get back, I'll see you on the 30th.

Here's a couple pictures from my commute last week. Moonrise and sunset, captured in the Dreamy Draw. See ya on the 30th...

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