Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Sale - Custom Skylights, Open Floor Plan...

So my Sunday maintenance at work went well, although it took 13 and a half hours to complete, and I damn near froze to death in the server room in the process. We replaced ten disk controller cache batteries, and swapped out 45 17GB drives for 35GB drives. Only two people who read this have any idea what this means (Hi Pat! Hi Chris!).

I hate missing the Sunday club ride, and I also missed out on the pool party the wife had Sunday afternoon, with all of her family over.

I also missed out on even more neighborhood mayhem- this house about two blocks from us caught on fire Sunday afternoon and is pretty much destroyed. Click on the picture to see what real estate agent you can call to pick up this beauty real cheap.

I am not looking forward to opening up my next home insurance statement in April, once Amica's actuaries get a look at what's going on in North Phoenix...

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