Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life in the Big City - Vol. 6

At 5:30 this morning, I was up and outside already, cleaning the pool in preparation for the niece and nephew weekend invasion. It was somewhat cloudy, with some rain showers going on to the south, but I figured it was safe enough to give the pool a good brushdown (waving a big aluminum telepole around with lightening in the area is not a good idea, as you can imagine).

So there I am, sleepily pushing some dirt down towards the main drain when I hear a loud explosion just to the southwest of the house. Thinking it was a lightening strike, I quickly dropped the pole (yeah, like THAT'S gonna save me now) and looked up to see a large cylindrical object sailing into the air, straight up, at least a hundred feet up.

Now 5:30 AM is a little bit early for someone to be mixing the four ingredients for neighborhood mayhem (that would be rednecks, propane, a garbage can and 18-pack of Bud Light), and before long, the entire fleet of news helicopters were circling over the area.

I turned on the TV to learn that the UFO I witnessed was actually a water heater which blew through the roof of a house about one block from our place, and came down about one block away from the newly ventilated home on the other side of Thunderbird Road, without hitting anyone or anything.

Here's a photo I snapped on the way to work, and here's a link to the Channel 3 news coverage.

The interesting thing is that this house (and the home next to it) partially burned down about two years ago, when the occupants were reportedly home-brewing beer on a stove in the storage area behind the garage.

BONUS VIDEO! Here's a YouTube video showing exactly what I witnessed this morning. Dang, that's some missile!

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