Monday, May 19, 2008

Deer Valley Airport

It was off to Deer Valley Airport yesterday, and we started with a group of 21 people (!). And of course, The Curse of Deer Valley struck yet again- I picked up two large staples- the kind they use to put together cardboard boxes- in my rear tire.

I call it The Curse of Deer Valley because not only do we seem to have the most flats to and from that destination, I also broke the frame of my Trek last year on the way there.

Here's a couple pics... That's Marty demanding his three feet of the road for his new recumbant, and below that is young Conner after returning to the park. The kid is a pretty darn good rider, and I see him getting bored with the 3's pace very soon.

Remember, two rides next weekend, Sunday and Monday. First Watch near Metrocenter on Sunday, and Randy's in Scottsdale on the holiday. Remember, Randy's does not take credit cards.

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