Friday, April 4, 2008

The critters are waking up

Springtime is definitely here in the desert- on the way home from work Wednesday, I saw the first rattlesnake of the year. Or more accurately, I almost ran over my first rattlesnake.

I was climbing up the second hill in the Dreamy Draw, and he was stretched out on the pavement soaking up some end-of-the-day warmth from the concrete. It didn't even register that it was a rattler until I was passing right behind him.

So Thursday, after berating myself for not having my camera with me, I threw it in my bag this time just in case.

Guess what? Again in the Dreamy Draw, a good-sized Gila Monster was spotted by a fellow cyclist, and he flagged me down as I approached and told me what just crossed his path. I got the camera out as quickly as I could, and managed to snap this picture of him before he slowly ambled into the brush and disappeared. Click on the picture for a bigger image...

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